5 star ratingWhen it comes to navigating the Orlando real estate landscape, Daniel Wilson of RE/MAX is simply unmatched. His unparalleled expertise in the Orlando, FL housing market and deep knowledge of the area make the home-buying and selling process seamless. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or relocate to Orlando, Daniel is the go-to agent who consistently goes above and beyond. His dedication to clients and proactive approach ensure that every detail is addressed, making your real estate journey smooth and stress-free. Highly recommend Daniel Wilson for anyone eager to make their mark in the vibrant Orlando community.
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Kristen S.
5 star ratingOutstanding Service Beyond Expectations!

Working with Daniel Wilson of Top Orlando Living at RE/MAX has been nothing short of spectacular. Right from the outset, Daniel's deep knowledge of the Orlando real estate market was evident. His professional, yet personable demeanor immediately put us at ease, and we knew we were in the hands of a seasoned pro.

Daniel took time to truly understand our unique needs and preferences. Whether it was finding a property with a pool for our family to enjoy, or locating a home within the right school district, his attentiveness to detail was impeccable. He was always available to answer questions, however big or small, and his response time was incredibly swift.

Daniel's negotiation skills are unparalleled. He secured us a fantastic deal, saving us thousands and ensuring all our terms were met. Throughout the entire process, Daniel maintained transparency and guided us at each step, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

In addition, his team at RE/MAX provided top-notch support, handling all the paperwork efficiently and ensuring nothing was missed. It was clear that Daniel and his team are genuinely dedicated to their clients and go above and beyond to provide stellar service.

Working with Daniel Wilson is more than just a transaction, it's a wholly personalized experience that makes you feel valued and cared for. If you're looking for a real estate agent in Orlando, I can't recommend Daniel Wilson enough. You won't be disappointed!
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David B.
5 star ratingI cannot recommend Daniel Wilson highly enough. His knowledge of the Orlando, Florida real estate market is unparalleled. What sets him apart is his incredible attention to detail, consistent professionalism, and unwavering commitment to meeting his clients' needs.

Daniel took the time to understand what we were looking for in our new home. His patient and personalized approach, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the market, helped us find our dream home. He offered insightful advice and guided us through every step of the purchasing process, making it seamless and stress-free.

Moreover, his negotiations skills are top-notch. We felt confident knowing we had such an experienced agent advocating for us. He was always available to answer questions and offered valuable advice that proved instrumental in securing our home.

It's not just about buying or selling homes with Daniel; it's about building relationships and ensuring his clients are absolutely satisfied. Working with Daniel was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to navigate the real estate market in Orlando, Florida.
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Yanil S.
5 star ratingI recently had the pleasure of working with Daniel Wilson of Top Orlando Living - RE/MAX, and it was an excellent experience. As a Realtor® with over 12 years of experience and an MBA, Daniel clearly knows the ins and outs of the real estate market in Orlando, Florida. His specialty as a buyer's agent, listing agent, and relocation made him the perfect fit for my diverse real estate needs​1​.

Daniel managed to make 11 sales in the last 12 months, which speaks to his dedication and hard work. He has a total of 165 listings and sales under his belt, showcasing his vast experience in the field​1​.

What I particularly appreciated about Daniel was his commitment to educating his clients on all aspects of real estate. Whether you are buying or selling a home or investing in property, Daniel is always there to help. His 99% client satisfaction rating and his track record of success are testaments to his professionalism and expertise​1​.

The experience of one client who moved from Washington State to Florida was particularly moving. Despite facing challenges with their housing arrangements a week before the move, Daniel stepped in to help them find a short-term rental, demonstrating his dedication to his clients. He was praised for being personable, on time, polite, and readily available, which aligned with my own experience working with him​1​.

While there have been some mixed reviews, in my experience, the positives far outweigh any negatives. I found Daniel to be very knowledgeable, dependable, and, above all, genuinely invested in helping his clients.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable and experienced realtor in Orlando, I highly recommend Daniel Wilson. His track record, client-centric approach, and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market make him a standout choice for all your real estate needs.
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Jeremy S.
5 star ratingI am not sure where to begin but let me just say - Daniel is hands down one of the best real estate agents I've had the chance to work with. He helped me not just narrow down on a neighborhood, connect with a developer but also served as a one stop shop for guiding me through my first vacation home purchase. He kept me informed throughout the development of my property, assisted with pre closing, closing and post closing (connected with a very talented designer). If you are looking to buy or sell property in the central Florida area, I suggest you go with Daniel in a heartbeat. I've personally connected him to those in my own network who have had the same white globe service experience.
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Shalin S.
5 star ratingDaniel can only be the top choice as realtor in Florida!
He helped me buy my first house, worked with me through every step in the process with advice, feedback, and great guidance. From the beginning of checking on the financials till after closing with finding the right vendors, ensuring the builder met all promises, and even helping with scheduling follow up items.
Daniel is always easily reachable, super responsive, honest and candid with what can work and what cannot, as well as going above and beyond with proactively figuring out next steps on the journey.
Can only say 10/10!
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Moritz B.
5 star ratingThroughout the several months, Daniel has been there every step of the way. He took the time to get to know me and understand my needs. He has always been good about getting back to me with every call and email - no matter the time of day. I was impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic. He truly exceeded my expectations from start to finish. The entire buying process was seamless. I couldn't have asked for a better realtor. I was so fortunate to have found Daniel when moving to Orlando. It's rare to find realtors like him, who genuinely care about your needs and take the time to develop a strong, long-lasting relationship with you, as well as someone who is patient and informative like he is. Thank you, Daniel, for helping me find my dream home.

I highly recommend him!
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Theresa K.
5 star ratingDaniel Wilson is a rock star! We were looking to purchase a rental property in the Orlando area and thought an existing furnished condo was the way to go. But with his intimate knowledge of the area and the market, Daniel helped us find a new construction townhome in one of the most desirable resorts in the area and at a price comparable to many smaller older properties with few if any ammenities. He was personally involved throughout the entire process, and from contract to closing was the consumate professional. Whether your looking for an investment property or your forever home in the Orlando area, do yourself a favor and give Daniel a call. You won't regret it!
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Jay N.
5 star ratingWe worked with Dan and his team to sell our rental home in FL and we could not have asked for better support, guidance and the most experienced and professional agent! did I mention highly responsive? We relocate often and have had many agents over the years. Dan is second to none! We did all this remotely even closing documents without any interruption to our daily lives. Highly recommend him. You'll not be disappointed.
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Alethea E.
5 star ratingDaniel goes above and beyond to take care of his clients! Professional, driven, eager and warm. His ability to navigate difficult conversations to get things done is a huge asset. Highly recommend him!!
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Sarah K.
5 star ratingHighly recommend Daniel and his team for your real estate needs! I sold my home to Daniel's clients and he was the ultimate professional throughout the process. He even had the lender call me personally and kept in contact constantly to reassure me that everything was going well. Can't recommend him enough!
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Melinda M.
5 star ratingDaniel is absolutely wonderful to work with. It's like having a friend on the "inside" that is working for you. He really care about his clients and takes pride in what he does.
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Ryan B.
5 star ratingDaniel is incredible! My husband and I just bought our first home and we were understandably nervous and excited about the process. Daniel made everything extremely easy and even fun! He is extremely knowledgeable about the Orlando area, and a joy to speak to and work with. We hope to buy another home with him in the future!
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Kaitlin G.
5 star ratingChris Torres is extremely reliable , helpful and willing to accommodate anyone's needs. Working with him has made the buying process fast and smooth as he is super honest, upfront, and detail oriented. Throughout the entire process Chris has been a really great communicator and answered all of our questions. If you're looking for a great real estate agent, I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy in Orlando !
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Emily T.
5 star ratingDaniel helped us find our dream starter home! This was our first experience buying a house and Daniel walked us through every step with ease. He is incredibly responsive and an absolute joy to work with. We highly recommend working with Daniel!
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Brooke J.
5 star ratingWOW!!! I've always loved remax, so it's no surprise when relocating to Winter Park that we choose RE/MAX to help us with the move. Daniel communicated with me while I was on the west coast, and helped us move to Orlando as if I was part of his own family. It is without doubt that I'll be referring Daniel to our colleagues and friends should they need to buy or sell their home in Florida. So happy I found Daniel, the best realtor in the US!!!! By FAR!!! Hands down!! 6 stars!!! X
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Gustavo C.
5 star ratingPlain and simple... I am NOT the easiest person to get along with. Kind of had to say that because it's just a lot lol. But then again I would think most people looking for a home could get a little extra. I'll make this as completely honest as I can as to not make it seem I'm a hype man for Daniel. So I've known Daniel for a few years. Always a pretty active member in our community and he supports his local first responders. Took a liking to Daniel and we've been buddies since. Over the last year I've gone back and forth deciding if I wanted to finally buy a home. Native Central Floridian I wanted to keep it home but didn't know where. I work centrally and could call any area home. So I messaged Daniel and it was like a poof of smoke happened and suddenly I'm a home owner.

Hear me out on this. This might have been the biggest, easiest life making events a person goes through in their human living existence and Daniel made it seem like it was brunch on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Will there be issues? I'm sure. I had them. But it was always forward moving.

My schedule is odd, well so is Daniel and he simply just makes things happen. I like that. There's a level of customer service I expect and I got that x10... but yet I still got that tough brother feeling when I knew I was being too much and just being stupid.

Now what? I have a beautiful home in an amazing area. Mission Accomplished. Thanks Daniel!
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Steven M.
5 star ratingDaniel is an outstanding modern realtor, he understands how to communicate well in this fast paced digital world. Daniel was very good at picking out the unnecessary and possible problematic purchases. He was vital in focusing in on an area of interest and when it came to purchasing he really hit the nail on the head with a logical, aggressive offer. His intuition paid off and in the end I was able to acquire the house at a lower price than I had imagined and gained a good bit of instant equity!
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Ross G C.
5 star ratingI don't know where to even start to be honest. You don't realize how important it is to hire an expert until things go south. My family and I embarked on purchasing our first home , absolutely clueless, and the first person that caught our eye on Yelp is who we hired (we did what your doing now). Found a huge home fell in love with it after Daniel showed us like 10 homes and the nightmare began with a unethical seller that did not disloce issues wrong with the home (discovered after inspection and deposit!) And to make matters worse when we decided to exercise our right and back out of the contract seller started making excuses and simply ignored us for 8 days!!. Daniel from the moment he knew how things were going south (he did give us a heads up on red flags prior to commiting but we were too mesmerized) he sprung into action with help of his expertise and that of his team and Assured me he will do his due diligence. He did things that quite frankly he did not need to do as an agent as his part was done but Daniel takes his job and reputation personally and treated us like family and went to bat for us. 10 days later (seemed like a month) he got the deposit back for us!! Again, I tell you, if he was not an abbsolute expert in his field this would not have been possible without him. With that behind us within 3 days to our surprise we put an offer on a brand new home that we are now in!! 0 worries and in the neighborhood we love!! Lake Nona (eagle Creek). Daniel apparently in the background was working with the builder (we saw the home previously) and was able to get the deal done within resonable terms. He is relentless.

Daniel, is driven like no other, knows his business inside out and an outright shark for his clients. If your looking for an expert that is straight to the point, will get you what you want and a word you can trust then you are in the right place.

Thank you Daniel for treating me, my wife and daughter as family and taking care of us!
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M J.
5 star ratingI honestly can't say enough wonderful things about Daniel! He has been helping us with the purchase of a vacation home near the DisneyWorld area. He has been so attentive, helpful and just the nicest guy ever. He has been there whenever we have had questions, gone to look at homes when we couldn't, and just talked through different options and scenarios with us. He has truly been trying to find us the best match for our family and not just sell us on anything to make a quick buck. He is honest and really cares for his clients and business. He has become more then just a Realtor for us - he is now a friend. If we could give him 10+ stars we would. I can't recommend Daniel enough!!
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Chelsea S.
5 star ratingDaniel is a fantastic agent.
My family and I are moving from the West Coast to Orlando. My husband found Daniel online because of multiple reviews from people doing exactly what we were going to do.
We met with Daniel in person on a short trip to check out locations to potentially buy a home. We were very interested in the Lake Nona area. Daniel was very helpful, providing information on builders, giving us insight on the offerings of the neighborhood and recommending places to visit to learn more about the area.
We explained to Daniel what we were looking for in a home i.e. size, number of rooms, back yard, budget etc. Daniel told us that based on the information we gave him, we may want to purchase an already built home instead of new construction. He started an electronic search based on our criteria.
Whenever we found a home that looked promising online, Daniel would schedule a tour and FaceTime us while he walked through the property. After, we would discuss if we were interested in the home or if the price was reasonable.
Then we found the perfect home! Daniel toured the home, with us on FaceTime, and we decided to submit an offer. The seller countered the offer, but Daniel held firm and we were able to purchase our dream home for a great price!
We thought the process of purchasing a home thousands of miles away was going to be extremely stressful and nerve-racking. However, working with Daniel made the process simple, efficient and so much less stressful than we could have ever anticipated.
We wholeheartedly recommend Daniel for all your real estate needs. His attention to detail, his assistance, his knowledge with the area, and his commitment to his clients are just a few reasons you will have the best possible home buying experience.
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Lydia A.
5 star ratingDaniel has worked so hard for us. Thank you for helping me with my home in Orlando. BEST agent ever!!!!!
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Madison P.
5 star ratingI can't thank Daniel enough for helping me relocate to Lake Nona. I relocated to work with the hospital, and had only a few months to find a home. Daniel helped me find a beautiful new construction house, with a pool. ABSOLUTELY the best real estate agency in the Orlando - Lake Nona area. THANK YOU!!!!
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Austin A.
5 star ratingIf you need a realtor, there is no one better than Daniel Wilson. From the moment we met Daniel, we were confident we were in good hands. This was our first time buying a house and we didn't know anything about the process. Daniel took such good care of us and led us patiently every step of the way. His experience and knowledge is far beyond what we could have asked for. He stays on top of the trends and takes continuing education seminars, he knows all the tips of the trade. He is young and full of energy (you would never guess how many years of experience he has, which is a lot) and always has such a sunny demeanor and positive upbeat attitude about him. He was just a joy to work with and really made our home buying experience an enjoyable one. During times that might have been a little stressful he was calm and reassuring and always lifted our spirits. He is dedicated to his company and loyal to his customers, and a very hard worker. I joke that he gives himself no time off because he was always sending us homes to look at around the clock and when it was time to put in an offer he would go into the office late at night just to make sure ours was in first. We really appreciated the professional yet personalized experience we had working just with him, he truly took care of everything and was always there for us no matter the time or day. I can't say enough how lucky we were to have Daniel as our realtor; it just doesn't get any better than him. We were so impressed with him from start to finish and he truly went above and beyond for us, especially in the short amount of time we had to find a house. He also has an amazing personality, a great sense of humor and is so gracious and thoughtful. He really cared about us and became our friend through the process. He's the whole package, what more can I say. Thank you Daniel!!!
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Erin H.
5 star ratingDaniel is a very well informed Real Estate Agent and a true "Go Getter" which is what you need when it comes to negotiating great deals on properties. His preparation and knowledge of the market is very very impressive and you'll be in GREAT hands choosing Daniel to represent you on your next real estate transaction.
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Joe O.
5 star ratingDaniel was helping my wife and I with an investment property. He took his time to answer all of our questions and concerns. Daniel knows Orlando like no other and I trust his recommendations on selecting houses that fit your criteria. Although my wife and I had to back out on the deal due to unforeseen circumstances Daniel still took his time to call and follow up with us to make sure we got our deposits back and asked if he can do anything to help speed up that process. Daniel has not received a dollar for helping me out but still out of the kindness of his heart asked if he can help speed up the process on the cancelation and get our deposit back. WOW! Great Service but overall great human being. When the time comes and I am ready to purchase in Orlando the only Realtor I will contact is "DANIEL".
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Chris B.
5 star ratingMy fiancé and I found Daniel through these Yelp reviews, and they are all correct! From our very first meeting with Daniel at his office, we knew we wanted to work with him finding our home and we knew that he would work hard to find the perfect house for us. He is very friendly, extremely responsive to all phone calls and texts even with my crazy work schedule and he was very fun to be around. We will still occasionally say that we miss Daniel and want to hang out with him. He went above and beyond during negotiations and guiding us to what would be a good deal for this home as well as making us feel comfortable during our first home purchase process. He also worked tirelessly to get our closing in a very tight time frame with dealing with the hurricane. We plan to use Daniel for all our real estate needs and I have passed his name along to family and friends.
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Danyelle S.
5 star ratingDaniel is very knowledgeable about the buying process. My fiancé and I came to him based off of client feedback, and needless to say they were all correct. He was there with us from weeding through 200 MLS listings that fit our requests (Sorry Daniel) to helping us secure the mortgage. No matter what hurdle was thrown his way, Daniel always overcame it without any objection or hesitation. Definitely recommend him to anyone who has no idea what in the world is in store with the rollercoaster of buying a home.
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Adam M.
5 star ratingMy family was moving from Texas to Orlando, and we were looking for a realtor who would be able to show us houses via Face Time, and would also be able to be a buyers agent for us, keeping a sharp eye for any signs of a bad property. Daniel was a God-send. He's competent, FAST, communicative, fun, and aggressive (in the best of ways). ALL realtors should take notes from the way he runs his business. We not only found a house within a week, but Daniel treated us like family! We were so blessed to find him, and take it from us, you don't need to look any further to find a realtor who will not only treat you right, but will go above and beyond to make sure you get the best deal, the best property, and just what you want. We will be doing business with him the next time we buy or sell, and so should you!
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Candace B.
5 star ratingSince finding Top Orlando Living last year via Instagram, one thing that continually stood out is Daniel Wilson's 5 star reviews for top-notch customer service. Buying or selling a home is an important process that deserves a knowledgable realtor by your side. Daniel Wilson has demonstrated superior service.
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Kathryn M.
5 star ratingRelocated to Downtown Orlando recently and I'm so happy that I used Daniel Wilson to purchase my condo in the Sanctuary in Thornton Park. THE BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT IN ORLANDO!!!!!
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Keith K.
5 star ratingI am so glad I contacted Orlando realtor Daniel, within minutes he schedule a preview of a home for sale in Windermere. We purchased the home and Daniel negotiated $50,000 off of the list price. My partner and I are so happy that we found a gay real estate agent in Orlando that is not only sweet, professional, but also the most experienced real estate agent in Downtown Orlando.
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Craig D.
5 star ratingIf you want wonderful service with an agent who cares about you and truly wants to help you with your real estate needs, Daniel is who you want to see! He is an amazing hard working individual, who has so much knowledge about the downtown Orlando area!
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Jakki K.
5 star ratingI have worked with a lot of realtors in other cities over the years - Daniel is one of the best. He gave thorough advice, assisted with each and every data related question we had, and was always ready to help. Daniel clearly is an expert on the local market - so knowledgeable! He was fast to respond which is always so important when finding a realtor. Really great experience all around - thank you!
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David M.
5 star ratingWOW!!! Daniel has helped me so much in Orlando real estate. I can't express how thankful I am for his expertise on the real estate market in Windermere, FL and the surrounding neighborhoods. I will buy and sell my homes only with Daniel going forward, and will make sure my friends and family use him for their real estate needs in the Orlando area when relocating. Thank you to the "Best real estate agent in Orlando"!!!!
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Thomas V.
5 star ratingDaniel made finding a home easy. The entire process of searching for a new home in Orlando was the best experience I've ever had with a real estate agent. Thanks Daniel, I will be referring my friends and family to him when they move.
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Brian H.
5 star ratingDaniel Wilson is an absolute rockstar. He cares so much for his clients and does what it takes to get the deal done. He is exceptional in his follow up skills and no matter what the news, good or bad he delivers it quickly so a resolution can be made. He puts his clients interest first. Having done business with him previously it is refreshing to have another agent on the deal that knows what they are doing. So often it is hard to find a great realtor but Daniel Wilson is one of the best.
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Emily A.
5 star ratingDaniel goes above and beyond what it means to be a Realtor. He makes sure it's the best deal for his client and the best fit. Highly recommend him if you're looking in the Orlando area.
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Matthew S.