EPIC UNIVERSE – Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal Orlando

The new Nintendo World is expected to draw in more park guests, with hopes that it will be just as popular as the beloved Harry Potter attractions. The incredible success of Super Nintendo World in Japan and the hype building around the California launch, there’s no doubt that Orland’s Super Nintendo World is going to be an EPIC adventure for all visitors.

Epic Universe is located just a few miles from Universal Orlando’s current theme parks in Orlando, right around the corner from the Orange County Convention Center. Universal said work on Epic Universe is resulting in hundreds of jobs within the resort and thousands of jobs across Central Florida.

Besides Super Nintendo World, Universal executives have kept Epic Universe’s other themed lands a tight secret. Construction on the project is in full swing right now, with many structures already beginning to take shape.

While Universal Studios Hollywood gears up to welcome guests to the Mushroom Kingdom, Universal Orlando Resort is taking things to a whole new level with what some are calling a much grander project.

Are you a fan of all things Nintendo? Mark your calendars and start counting down the days until you can explore the epic world of Super Nintendo in Orlando!

Super Nintendo World promises to be an immersive experience. The land features a groundbreaking virtual reality experience, “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge,” the Toadstool Café, the 1-UP Factory souvenir store, and a host of family-friendly games for all to enjoy.

Super Nintendo World was first launched at Universal Studio’s Japan in 2021, and it didn’t take long for Universal to see its growing success.