Picking up your current life and putting down roots in a new location is a significant event. Whether your job is changing, or your family situation requires this shift, you’re preparing to start a fresh experience in a different state.

Approximately 35.5 million Americans move each year, although many of these aren’t out-of-state moves. However, many people are making this change, too.

Before you embark on this journey, you need to think over a few areas to fully understand the process. Check out these 10 things to consider when moving to a new state.

1. Job Opportunities

Your livelihood is crucial, and when you relocate, you need the confidence of a secure career. Depending on the region, state and city, your current position could be scarce or plentiful in your new home. Start the job search now to see how abundant your specialty and skills are in the state. Determine if the area is a hub for your field or if you should opt for a different state.

2. Shift in Cost of Living

Your salary can change when you relocate and enter a different position, but your expenses can also vary. Around the country, the price of groceries, utilities and housing is unique to each state and city. Even the dollar’s worth fluctuates across the U.S. Be sure to compare your current cost of living to your future home’s.

3. Housing Availability

Without being in the area, discovering an affordable and high-quality place can be difficult. As you transition to a living space mile away, you need to check the housing market to get a sense of average home prices or rent costs. Skim through the housing listings on websites, but also consult a reliable real estate agent to guide you through the best options in the area.

4. Change in Taxes

Since many factors in your finances are changing, a new state’s tax policies will be another impact on you. Look up the specifics on your personal income and property taxes and figure out what the local sales tax will be. How much are these going to affect your funds in the future?

5. Health Care Switch

Leaving behind your long-time primary care physician means you’ll have to find another one who provides exceptional medical care. However, this isn’t the only health care consideration you have. You also need to find a dentist, eye doctor and dermatologist. Insurance differences might affect the cost, too.

Affordability and quality are two concerns as you go through this process. Find a state with outstanding service at a decent price, like Hawaii, which ranks the highest in terms of affordability.

6. Moving Services

How to pack your belongings also requires forethought. From professional moving companies to specialists, you can obtain quotes and recommendations to guide your decision. Large goods can take extra assistance, like furniture and electronics. Some items, like pianos, entail special handling from experienced movers. You can recruit friends and family to help you box up small objects.

7. School Quality

The surrounding resources and facilities of a new spot can shape your experience. Those with children can be directly influenced by the kind of education in the state, but even those without young families can benefit from an exceptional system. If you settle into a state with valuable schools and colleges, your community may have more opportunities like plays, fundraisers and sporting events to attend.

8. Local Culture Differences

Customs for every state shift, so research the values and habits that could take practice to get used to. Maybe you’ll become aware of a distinct tipping etiquette in the area or certain places it’s polite to answer a phone call. Discover the traditions that set this place apart.

9. Commute Type

Your daily commute for work and social outings in certain states can alter your routine. For compact cities, your car might be impractical, and you may switch to using the subway. Research the typical form of transportation to figure out how to travel in this setting.

10. Climate

Ordinary temperatures, humidity levels and rain frequency can surprise you if you’re not prepared. Moving to a snowy place when you’re from Texas can be shocking. Avoid disappointment by investigating the average climate in the state, then gather the necessary gear to transition well.

Prepare to Relocate

When you get ready to move to another state, you are rearranging many areas of your life. To make the process simpler, thoroughly research and plan before you go. Evaluate your next steps so you can confidently approach this new stage in life.

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